About Us

We are the 68 collective, a group of students at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The LSE has been at the centre of many great shifts in politics and academia since its establishment in 1895. Founded by Fabians, contributing to the development of the welfare state, and being the focal point of British student-protests in the 1960s, there are many reasons why we should be proud of its history.

However, the university’s more recent past has been dominated by the founding of UKIP, workers’ rights abuses, and concerning political ties.

68 aims to bring back something of our institution’s more radical roots – to provide a platform for left-wing students, academics, and alumni to share and discuss their ideas. Our publication explores all manner of socio-political and cultural issues at LSE and beyond, including ethnographic studies, interviews, film reviews, short stories, opinion pieces, visual art and most anything in between.

68 is built on egalitarian principles and is organised non-hierarchically, in a rejection of the traditional bureaucratic structure of newspapers. We contribute, edit, fund, and make decisions collectively.

We are unofficial, accepting no funding from the LSE or the LSESU, and instead using our independence to challenge the failings of the university and student’s union. We are not, however, ‘anti-LSE’ or ‘anti-LSESU’. We feel that opening such discussions can improve campus life, allowing us to share and critique new ideas and movements. We hope that this may contribute to returning the LSE to the hotbed of political thought and action that it was in 1968.

To learn more about the collective, read about our choice of name and constitution. To join the collective, please get in touch via email or our social media accounts.



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