The Death of the Seagull, 2019 - Maria João Tralhão Dolan


The Death of the Seagull, 2019 draws from Maria João Tralhão Dolan’s experiences in the arts, and the recent installation of Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger’s "The World Turned Upside Down” at LSE. Whilst valuing and practicing activism and social commentary through art, Tralhão Dolan felt compelled to critique the overrepresentation of certain narratives and demographics and erasure of others. As a result, Tralhão Dolan is cognisant and sceptical of narrow perspectives dominating the art world, and promotes underrepresented voices. 

Artist statement of intent from Maria João Tralhão Dolan, creator of 'The Death of the Seagull, 2019'

I created this work to offer a satirical and critical analysis of what has been a highly debated piece of artwork by Turner Prize Winner Mark Wallinger. 'The Death of the Seagull, 2019' is the starting point for a larger body of work that I envisage spanning much further.

'The Death of the Seagull, 2019' is a play on Roland Barthes' 'The Death of the Author', and critiques the hegemony of white, male artists in the creative industries, and the erasure of underrepresented voices as a result. It also offers a challenge to notions that audiences are truly free to interpret art if the parameters are set by those whose experiences are classed as 'objective'.